Adult Program

Research show less than 30% of working age adults with disabilities have even part-time employment, compared with nearly 80% of the general population.  See what we are doing to change that...


The Adult Program is a 18 month program consisting of eight core social vocational courses and two internship courses. The program moves beyond classroom instruction and offers the individual real‐world practical training and work experience in a community-based setting. For the classroom-based portion of the program, consumers complete two courses per quarter during the core program and one course per quarter while enrolled in the YIC Paid Internship Program. Each course is 2 hours in length and are presented once a week. For the community-based portion of the core program, consumers receive training on-site 3 days a week, 6 hrs/day through a variety of our industry corporate partners . Click here for information about funding.

When transitioning to the YIC Paid Internship Program, Adult Program consumers take one class per quarter for two quarters while they are completing their internship with music/recording and entertainment industry corporate partners. Adult consumers will be working 20-30 hrs/wk during this time. Adult consumers log their internship hours and are provided support/guidance from their instructor, counselor, and job coach (if needed). Consumers must have graduated from high school with either a diploma or certificate of completion to enter the Adult Program and participate in the YIC Paid Internship.


This program is designed as a closed cohort, and consumers must be committed to finishing the cohort. A new cohort will form every 3 months to allow new consumers the opportunity to enter the program.


Adult Program consumers receive:

  • Functional Vocational Assessment

  • Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP)

  • Transition education and social vocational training provided by CTC Credentialed Educators and Music Industry Professionals

  • Counseling provided by CTC Credentialed Counselors

  • Industry specific skill development using evidence-based teaching methodologies, maximizing consumer learning and performance

  • Consumers collaborate with peers and industry professionals to produce a Concert Event

  • Paid Internship Placement

  • Situational Assessment