Adult Program

Research show less than 30% of working age adults with disabilities have even part-time employment, compared with nearly 80% of the general population.  See what we are doing to change that...


The Adult Program is a 18 month program consisting of eight core social vocational courses and two internship courses. The curriculum moves beyond classroom instruction and offers the individual real‐world practical experience in a community-based setting. Consumers complete two courses per quarter during the core program and one course per quarter while enrolled in the YIC Internship Program. Each course is 2 hours in length and are presented once a week.

When transitioning to the YIC Internship Program, Adult Program consumers take one class per quarter for two quarters while they are completing their internship with one of our music/recording industry corporate partners. Adult consumers log their internship hours and are provided support/guidance from their instructor, vocational counselor, and job coach (if needed). Consumers must have graduated from high school with either a diploma or certificate of completion to enter the Adult Program and participate in the YIC Internship.


This program is designed as a closed cohort, and consumers must be committed to finishing the cohort. A new cohort will form every 3 months to allow new consumers the opportunity to enter the program.