Brad Doll

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Brad Doll is the President and CEO of UPRISING, a 22-year-old management consulting firm specializing in corporate strategy; revenue and profit acceleration; process improvement; disruptive innovation; startups; turnarounds; ecommerce; retail management; marketing, sales, creative, customer service, consumer insights, and purchasing department excellence; B2B and B2C customer acquisition, retention and management; analytics; SEO; SEM; UXD; mobile marketing; email marketing; social media; direct marketing; P&L optimization; event management; merchandising; strategic partnerships; public relations; budgets and forecasting; promotions; TV, radio, print and digital media; agency management; key account acquisition, development and management. Over the course of Doll's career, he has helped grow 30 businesses between $1 million - $100 million, turned around 20 declining businesses with an average turnaround time of 10 months, and has launched several hundred successful new products and businesses. Doll has held executive positions at Procter & Gamble,  General Mills,  Gray Advertising, HarperCollins, and Discovery House Publishers & Music, to name a few. Doll holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Sociology with an Applied Math emphasis from Harvard University.