Michael "Mikey D" Dinco



Michael Dinco aka "Mikey D." is a writer, musician and producer of entertainment platforms including Music, Television, Documentaries and Independent Movies. As a musician from early on, Mikey D has performed bass and guitar working with top artists, such as Ricky Martin, Shakira, Dokken, Bang Tango and as a featured guitar player for Ringo Starr. Mikey D. instantly carved his way into TV by creating and co-developing with 44 Blue Productions one of Animal Planet's Award winning hit shows "Pit Bulls & Parolees". In addition to being the longest standing Producer/Shooters in the field, he also co-wrote and performed the theme song. The show is currently airing Season 10 seen on Saturday Nights celebrating and surpassing it's 100th episode.


Vicktory To the Underdogs - Prod. Manager/Music Title Track- Stranglehold Entertainment

Denver Dog Massacre "Outlaw Dogz"Executive Producer / Director / Composser- Scrubdown Productions


Music On Demand, Talent booker / Production - Omni Broadcast Network

"Hyp To It" with Cynthia Ickes, Executive Producer / Director - Scrubdown Productions 

Pit Bulls & Parolees with Tia Torres, Producer- Animal Planet 

Pain Killers, Production, Executive Producer / Director- Scrubdown Productions 

Prison Tracks, Pre-production, Executive Producer / Director -Scrubdown Productions 

The Barter System, Pre-production, Executive Producer / Director- Scrubdown Productions 

Super Star High, Pre-production, Executive Producer / Director / Composser- Licatta Entertainment-Scrubdown Productions 


Pepsi-Ricky Martin, Bass Player- Pepsi International

LA Lakers, Bass Player- Kcal Channel 9 Los Angeles

COKE commercial "JUMP", Bass Player- COKE

Ringo Starr, Guitar Player- Century 21


Krystal Jem, Bass Player

POWER, Bass Player-Creator- World Reaction Records

Vagabons, Bass Player- LA Jam Band-Joe Leste

John Sykes, Bass Player- Geffen Records-album/demo production

Bang Tango, Bass Player- MCA-Joe Leste

Sonny Vincent Project, Bass Player- Sonny Vincent

Dokken, Bass Player- Sweden Rock Festival

HOKU, Bass Player- Disney concerts

AUTHENTIC CREATOR / AKA"Trine"Scrubdown Productions


Ricky Martin / "Vida Loca", Bass Player- Sony

Ricky Martin / "Shake Your Bon bon", Bass Player- Sony

SHAKIRA, Bass Player- Sony

Ronan Keaton, Bass Player

All 4 One, Bass Player- Sony

Enrique Iglesias, Guitar-Acoustic