Michael "Mikey D" Dinco



Michael Dinco aka "Mikey D." is a writer, musician and producer of entertainment platforms including Music, Television, Documentaries and Independent Movies. As a musician from early on Mikey D has performed bass and guitar working with top artists as Ricky Martin, Shakira, Dokken, Bang Tango and featured as guitar player for Ringo Starr commercial. Mikey D. instantly carved his way into TV by creating and co-developing with 44Blue Productions one of Animal Planet's Award winning hit show "Pit Bulls & Parolees" In addition to being the longest standing Producer/Shooter on the field he also co-wrote and performed the theme song. The show is currently airing Season 10 seen on Saturday Nights celebrating and surpassing it's 100th episode.


Vicktory To the Underdogs - Prod. Manager/Music Title Track- Stranglehold Entertainment

Denver Dog Massacre "Outlaw Dogz"Executive Producer / Director / Composser- Scrubdown Productions


Music On Demand, Talent booker / Production - Omni Broadcast Network

"Hyp To It" with Cynthia Ickes, Executive Producer / Director - Scrubdown Productions 

Pit Bulls & Parolees with Tia Torres, Producer- Animal Planet 

Pain Killers, Production, Executive Producer / Director- Scrubdown Productions 

Prison Tracks, Pre-production, Executive Producer / Director -Scrubdown Productions 

The Barter System, Pre-production, Executive Producer / Director- Scrubdown Productions 

Super Star High, Pre-production, Executive Producer / Director / Composser- Licatta Entertainment-Scrubdown Productions 


Pepsi-Ricky Martin, Bass Player- Pepsi International

LA Lakers, Bass Player- Kcal Channel 9 Los Angeles

COKE commercial "JUMP", Bass Player- COKE

Ringo Starr, Guitar Player- Century 21


Krystal Jem, Bass Player

POWER, Bass Player-Creator- World Reaction Records

Vagabons, Bass Player- LA Jam Band-Joe Leste

John Sykes, Bass Player- Geffen Records-album/demo production

Bang Tango, Bass Player- MCA-Joe Leste

Sonny Vincent Project, Bass Player- Sonny Vincent

Dokken, Bass Player- Sweden Rock Festival

HOKU, Bass Player- Disney concerts

AUTHENTIC CREATOR / AKA"Trine"Scrubdown Productions


Ricky Martin / "Vida Loca", Bass Player- Sony

Ricky Martin / "Shake Your Bon bon", Bass Player- Sony

SHAKIRA, Bass Player- Sony

Ronan Keaton, Bass Player

All 4 One, Bass Player- Sony

Enrique Iglesias, Guitar-Acoustic