Owen Barry


Owen Barry is marketing, content & strategy expert with 10+ years experience in email marketing. Barry is Senior Associate at Cheetah Digital, an independent, enterprise cross-channel marketing solutions provider dedicated to the marketer. Cheetah provides marketing leadership for the world’s best brands, including Williams-Sonoma, Delta Airlines and Hilton. Barry is responsible for email marketing operations for multiple Fortune 500 brands. Prior to Cheetah Digital, Barry was a screenwriter under IV Management, and contributed his written works to a variety of porjects, including the feature "Bonito & Valenzuela", for Ilya Naishuller (William Morris Endeavor) - "Hardcore Henry", "The Weeknd - False Alarm", and "Leningrad - Kolshik". Barry also served as a Marketing Analyst and Content Operations at SlingTV, developing the SlingTV's competitive-intel map for Roger Lynch, CEO, as well as developed the helped launch the first OTT service in the US for SlingTV. Before that, Barry was an Account Executive at BLC Communications, writing the Season 2 campaign slogan for HBO's "Boardwalk Empire". Barry holds a Bachelor Degree in Film and Economics from Vanderbilt University. Barry has working level proficiency in Spanish.