Services We Provide

Comprehensive Employment Services


The Yes I Can (YIC) Unity Through Music & Education Programs include a 18 month program consisting of eight core social vocational courses and two internship courses. Additionally, the programs move beyond classroom instruction and offer consumers real‐world practical experience training & working in a community-based setting.


The YIC Program provides the following services:

  • Social Vocational Assessment

  • Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP)

  • Transition Education and Social Vocational Training provided by CTC credentialed educators and Industry Professionals

  • Direct Vocational/Rehabilitation Counseling services provided by CTC credentialed counselors

  • Industry specific skill development using evidence-based teaching methodologies, maximizing consumer learning and performance  

  • Hands-on job training in community-based settings through our creative partnerships with music/recording/entertainment industry companies

  • Situational Assessment

  • Supported Paid Internships through our creative partnerships with music/recording/entertainment industry companies

  • Supported Employment provided by CESP certified Job Coaches


Functional Vocational Assessment & Individual Habilitation Service Plan:

During the initial functional vocational assessment process for consumers ages 14 to 24, this comprehensive assessment identifies career goals, develop targeted outcomes, and measure consumers’ progress throughout the program. YIC develops customized, person-centered, assessment-based social vocational/transition/employment services with a focus on each consumer’s interests, abilities, independent living skills, and personal goals. By collaborating with consumers, families and community partners, YIC provides consumers with real life, community-based training and working experience within the music/recording and entertainment industries through a year-long training program, leading into a paid internship with various private companies within the music/entertainment industry through our corporate partnerships. 

Transition Education /Social Vocational Training/Employment Services:

YIC offers:

~ Career exploration within the music/recording & entertainment industries
~ Job skills training
~ Work experience
~ Service learning opportunities
~ Supported employment
~ Vocational skills taught across multiple settings by trained instructors, job coaches and vocational counselors
~ Resume writing/interviewing skills & LinkedIn Profile Optimization
~ Executive functioning skills (e.g., organizing, prioritizing, time
management, regulating emotions) 
~ Social and communication skills development
~ Independent living skills
~ Personal financial management; and/or
~ Support with post-secondary options; vocational/trade school, college, 
and competitive employment.