Supported Employment

YIC continues to provide ongoing support after consumers transition onto the employer’s payroll through our Supported Employment Program. Supported Employment services benefit both consumers and employers by preparing consumers for CIE  and offering employers positive, productive relationships with employees with disabilities. 

Customized employment is a key component to the YIC Supported Employment Program. YIC works to personalize the employment relationship between consumers and music/recording/entertainment industry employers in a way that meets the needs of both. It is based on an individualized match between the strengths, conditions, and interests of consumers and the identified business needs of music/recording industry employers. Our customized employment model utilizes an individualized, person-centered approach to employment planning and job development.

YIC job coaches train consumers using structured intervention techniques to help the consumer learn to perform job tasks to the employer's specifications and to learn the interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted as a worker at the job site and in related community contacts. In addition to job-site training, our job coaching services include ongoing assessments, job development, counseling, advocacy, travel training and other services needed to maintain the employment.

Benefits of Job Coaching

YIC job coaches work directly with consumers on the job to help him/her learn the specific requirements of the job; learn work-related activities and requirements, such as time and attendance rules; and learn appropriate work-related (including social) behaviors when dealing with supervisors and co-workers (if needed, as social skills training is provided during the core program).

By placing a consumer directly in a job with the hands-on assistance of a job coach, areas of vocational and personal strength and weakness become apparent early in the process and are based on actual, not projected or simulated experience; the consumer is able to receive immediate feedback, assistance, and follow-up from the support person; and an employer is able to take on and observe the progress of the consumer without a full commitment of personnel resources in the beginning of the process.

Duration of Job Coaching Services

Within the guidelines, a counselor may recommend as many hours of job coaching, over the life of the case, as required to meet the consumer's training needs. Hours can be used for job development, situational assessment and on-site training. However, job coaching in support of on the job training, paid internship, or work experience/transitional employment may not continue beyond a total of 6 months without authorization of funding sources. Click here to learn more about funding.