Transitional Age Program


The Transitional Age Program is for consumers who are currently enrolled in a K-12 public school educational program. A referral and authorization would be received by YIC by the funding source. Click this link for more information about funding. Once services are authorized, an assessment is then completed to determine if the program is appropriate and recommended for the consumer. If the results of the assessment recommend the consumer would benefit from the program and funding for the program is approved, the consumer is then enrolled in the program. 

Transitional Program consumers receive:

  • Functional Vocational Assessment

  • Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP)

  • Transition education and social vocational training provided by CTC Credentialed Educators and Music Industry Professionals

  • Counseling provided by CTC Credentialed Counselors

  • Industry specific skill development using evidence-based teaching methodologies, maximizing consumer learning and performance

  • Consumers learn and collaborate with peers and Industry Professionals in a classroom, community-based hybrid setting. 

Some of the skills consumers will learn:

  • about life after high school, college life, and the hidden curriculum in college and the workplace

  • how to find your first job - marketing yourself using LinkedIn, WordPress, and other web-based mediums, including appropriate use of Social Media

  • how to be your own advocate

  • career exploration and finding your career path

  • friendship and co-workers - socially acceptable behavior and maintaining professionalism in the workplace environment

  • goal setting - SMART Goals

  • what self-determination is and why it is important

  • effective communication techniques in the workplace and beyond

  • budget and financing - principles of money management and banking

  • hygiene, grooming, proper workplace attire, and self-care

  • teamwork and collaboration in the workplace

and much, much more......