Transitional Age Program


Consumers in the Transition Age Program are only required to complete the eight core social vocational courses. Transitional Program consumers who are currently enrolled in a K-12 public school educational program are only required to complete the eight core social vocational courses to complete the Yes I Can (YIC) Unity Through Music, Art & Education Social Vocational Program.

Transitional Program consumers receive:

  • Social vocational/situational assessment

  • Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP)

  • Transition education and social vocational training provided by CTC credentialed educators

  • Vocational counseling provided by CTC credentialed counselors

  • Industry specific skill development using evidence-based teaching methodologies, maximizing consumer learning and performance  

Some of the skills consumers will learn:

  • about life after high school, college life, and the hidden curriculum in college and the workplace
  • how to find your first job - marketing yourself using LinkedIn, WordPress, and other web-based mediums, including appropriate use of Social Media
  • how to be your own advocate 
  • career exploration and finding your career path
  • friendship and co-workers - socially acceptable behavior and maintaining professionalism in the workplace environment
  • goal setting - SMART Goals
  • what self-determination is and why it is important
  • effective communication techniques in the workplace and beyond
  • budget and financing - principles of money management and banking 
  • hygiene, grooming, proper workplace attire, and self-care
  • teamwork and collaboration in the workplace

and much, much more......