How do I enroll?

For more information about funding and enrollment, contact us.

What happens next?

Upon request for further information or initiation of services, consumer/consumer’s parent(s) will be sent an initial brochure and questionnaire. Upon receipt of the questionnaire and additional reports from the consumer/consumer’s parent(s), an initial in-person structured interview will be scheduled within two weeks with a counselor assigned to the consumer.

Following the interview, the counselor will interview other pertinent providers and review past assessments, transition plans, and supports. Prior work samples and work and/or volunteer experience is requested. In addition, an assessment of functional/occupational performance will be conducted (if applicable) in a real or simulated environment to identify social vocational needs and record baseline data. A Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP) is developed, which will include a summary of the consumer’s background, skills and deficits, recommended goals and objectives, and recommendation for services will be submitted within three to four weeks of completion of the assessment. Services will commence once funding has been determined and a new cohort begins (every three months).

Orientation: New consumers will meet with a designated staff person on entry date for orientation. Staff will be involved in introducing the consumer to their peer group/cohort. Staff will facilitate socialization at orientation break. The consumer will be assigned a peer buddy, if appropriate, to show them the instructional room, restrooms, and general orientation to the physical environment. The Program Directors or counseling staff will check with the consumer on a daily basis until the consumer feels comfortable.

A photograph will be taken of the new consumer,  for consumer file identification purposes.  The new consumer will be listed on applicable Attendance Roster. Program start date will be listed. The consumer’s schedule will be reviewed with the consumer. The Consumer Handbook will be reviewed with the consumer, and parents if applicable. Any and all questions will be answered and all required forms will be completed at this time.  Before the consumer starts in the program, all emergency and medical forms must be completed and entered into the consumer’s file. For more information about the enrollment process and services, contact us.

How do we measure progress?

Each consumer will be assigned a Counselor once services are authorized to begin. Utilizing the consumer’s Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP), the consumer’s Counselor will assess consumer progress toward IHSP outcomes/goals on a semi-annual basis.

Consumer progress toward IHSP goals are measured and recorded via direct and indirect measures, including the review of formative and cumulative assessments completed by instructors during each course, instructor comments/feedback, consumer/consumer’s parent comments/feedback, review of consumer’s program benchmark assignments, and review of progress notes completed by assigned counselors during direct monthly meetings between consumer and their assigned counselor. Reports will be provided and reviewed with consumers, consumer's parents (if applicable), and will be reported to generic funding sources if required.






Consumer placement and funding termination procedures are followed according to all Title 22 and 17 §56718 regulations.