Services We Provide

Comprehensive Community Integration and Employment Services


The Yes I Can (YIC) Unity Through Music & Education programs move beyond classroom instruction and offer consumers real‐world practical experience training/working in a community-based setting.


The YIC Program provides the following services:

  • Functional Assessment

  • Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP)

  • Transition Education and Social Vocational Training provided by CTC credentialed educators and Industry Professionals

  • Direct Vocational/Rehabilitation Counseling services provided by CTC credentialed counselors

  • Industry specific skill development using evidence-based teaching methodologies, maximizing consumer learning and performance  

  • Hands-on job training in community-based settings through our creative partnerships with music/entertainment industry companies

  • Situational Assessment

  • Supported Paid Internships through our creative partnerships with music/entertainment industry companies

  • Supported Employment provided by CESP certified Job Coaches


Functional Vocational Assessment & Individual Habilitation Service Plan:

This comprehensive assessment identifies career goals, develop targeted outcomes, and measure consumers’ progress throughout the program. YIC develops customized, person-centered, assessment-based social vocational/transition/employment services with a focus on each consumer’s interests, abilities, independent living skills, and personal goals. By collaborating with consumers, families and community partners, YIC provides consumers with real life, community-based training and working experience within the music/entertainment industry through a year-long training program, leading into a paid internship with various private companies within the music/entertainment industry through our corporate partnerships. 

Transition Education /Social Vocational Training/Employment Services:

YIC offers:

~ Career exploration within the music/recording & entertainment industries
~ Job skills training
~ Work experience
~ Service learning opportunities
~ Supported employment
~ Vocational skills taught across multiple settings by trained instructors, job coaches and vocational counselors
~ Resume writing/interviewing skills & LinkedIn Profile Optimization
~ Executive functioning skills (e.g., organizing, prioritizing, time
management, regulating emotions) 
~ Social and communication skills development
~ Independent living skills
~ Personal financial management; and/or
~ Support with post-secondary options; vocational/trade school, college, 
and competitive employment.