YIC Internship Program

Research show people with disabilities are nearly twice as likely as people without disabilities to have an annual household income of $15,000 or less. We are working to change that.....


With the YIC Paid Internship Program, consumers are able to gain work experience by securing internships with local music/recording/entertainment employers. Consumers and employers are matched based on the employer’s need and the consumer’s individual abilities and career path interests.

The YIC Paid Internship Program places consumers in jobs of the consumer’s interest within the music/entertainment industry, such as event production, marketing/advertising/event promotion, sound, lighting, retail, concessions, security, and talent management; to name a few.  Click here for more information about funding.

YIC helps consumers learn job skills through the modeling of appropriate work behavior, the modeling of appropriate social interactions, and through the encouragement of consumers to develop working relationships by learning how to effectively communicate with co-workers in order to foster greater independence.

Completed during the YIC Paid Internship Program, the consumer’s occupational skills and work behaviors are assessed through a situational assessment, including capacities and competencies to perform essential job duties of specific competitive employment positions.

 The situational assessment offers consumers the opportunity to perform job tasks in real work environments under real work conditions. Participation in a variety of situational assessment situations across work settings provides insight for the consumer into his/her employment preferences, as well as skills and abilities.

Consumers performing real work in multiple work environments also provide YIC staff information about the consumer's work characteristics, interests, skills, and abilities, learning style and workplace support needs. Real work settings are used to enable the consumer to explore vocational aptitudes, to demonstrate the types of support services needed to enhance optimal performance, or to assist the consumer to acquire specific skills and abilities.

This on-the-job assessment considers what has been learned and how; what aptitudes are demonstrated; and what training and support strategies are necessary for developing competencies. The need for supported employment services is also assessed before consumers transition onto an employer's payroll. A situational assessment report will be provided and reviewed with consumers, consumers’ parents (if applicable), and will be reported to generic funding sources if required.





EXCITING NEWS! Golden Boy Productions just Joined our Growing list of Corporate Partnerships!

YIC consumers now have the opportunity to intern with Golden Boy Promotions! Consumers will gain experience working on live shows televised on networks such as HBO, HBO Latino, Showtime, Estrella TV, and ESPN, have the opportunity to gain experience in radio at the Golden Boy Radio Channel on Dash Radio, and also learn leadership and management of organizational social and digital media!